New Podcast

Hi all! I haven’t been active on here at all and I think that the best way for me to get back into things is by sharing work that I have continued to do elsewhere. As part of my university’s radio station, I now host and produce a podcast on international affairs. Here is the first episode. Enjoy!



Quick Update

I rarely delve into posts that describe my mundane daily life, but I feel I owe my readers an explanation of my absence. As I am currently completing my Masters degree, there are very few moments when I have the luxury of sitting in front of a laptop and writing uninterrupted for a substantial amount of time. Unfortunately, due to a series of recent deadlines, I have not had that opportunity in a while. Hopefully, over the next few weeks, I should be able to devote some more time to my blog as I have just completed my last major set of deadlines before the final stretch in summer term. Apologies in the meantime.


My Other Articles

A bit of blatant self-promotion, but here is a link to my articles for the University of Warwick newspaper The Boar. While I will continue to blog, I should point out that the articles I write for the newspaper, particularly in the Comments section, are all very dear to my heart. So, instead of repeating my work twice, I thought it would be prudent to share a quick link. I would appreciate it if my few readers would take the time to keep checking the website for The Boar as it is a wonderful publication.